Welcome to the new Historical Re-enactment Website

We have completely redesigned the site to used all new modern technologies and servers. All the original information is still here an searchable as it ever was. New information is being added on a daily basis. Histrenact now offers Blogging, Twitter Feeds, Facebook integration, Event calendar and event locations including map locations to help find where things are happening in the Re-encatment world. All of these after requests from the original site and feed back from our wonderful viewers.


But there is much more...

Feel free to create an account using the form on the right hand side. If you are running a Re-enactment group or Trading or, indeed, an event organiser this will give you the ability to update your own information on the site, add links to your shows or events, get listed in the events calendar on the site and even upload documents and images to further promote your group, Shoip or event. Histrenact will, of course, vet the entries prior to appearing on the site but that does not stop you from being creative!


And there is no limit to what can be here...

Histrenact is always open to any comments or suggestions so, again, feel free to use the comments and feedback section to add yopur thoughts and suggestions, good or bad, so that HIstrenact can continue being the first stop site on the internet for all thngs re-enactment. All content on the whole site is now searchable from any of the many search forms on the pages of the site. One click and you can use all the available information to search for whatever you are looking for in the world of Re-enactment.


Finally if you do wish to return to using the original site whilst it is still available please use the following link...  http://test1.histrenact.co.uk