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Historical Events Dates for the Victorian 1800-1900AD 

1802 July 24BirthAlexandre DumasAuthor
1806 April 6BirthElizabeth Barret-BrowningPoet
1806 April 9BirthIsembard Kingdom BrunelRailway and Maritime engineer whose works include the Clifton Suspension Bridge and the steamship SS Great Western. Born in Portsmouth.
1806 April 9BirthEadweard MuybridgePioneer in the study of motion using photography.
1808 November 22BirthThomas CookThe founder of Thomas Cook & Son, Travel Agent, Started with an organised train journey to a temperance meeting on 5th July 1841. Started the true ticket and travel agency in the early 1860s.
1809 August 6BirthAlfred Tennyson, LordPoet Laureate
1809 February 12BirthBirth of Charles DarwinFamous scientist who wrote of the Theory of Evolution.
1809 February 12BirthAbraham Lincoln16th President of the United States of America.
1809 May 31BirthFranz Joseph HaydnComposer
1810 July 5BirthP.T. BarnumShowman
1811 July 18BirthWilliam Makepeace ThackerayNovelist.
1811 October 22BirthFranz LisztHungarian composer.
1812 May 12BirthEdward LearLandscape painter and poet.
1812 May 7BirthRobert BrowningEnglish Poet.
1813 October 10BirthGiuseppe VerdiComposer.
1814 July 19BirthSamuel Coltcreator of the Colt Revolver.
1814 November 6BirthAdolphe SaxInstrument Inventor.
1815 April 24BirthAnthony TrollopeNovelist
1816 April 21BirthCharlotte BronteAuthor born in Thornton, Yorkshire
1818 July 30BirthEmily BronetAuthor.
1818 May 7BirthKarl Marx 
1819 June 20BirthJacques OffenbackComposer.
1819 May 22BirthRichard WagnerComposer (Ring Cycle)
1819 May 24BirthQueen Victoria of England(1837-1901)
1819 May 24BirthQueen Victoria of EnglandDaughter of Edward, Duke of Kent and Princess Victoria of Saxe-Coburg. Born at Kensington Palace.
1819 September 18BirthJean-Bernard-L'on Foucauldwhos pendulum proved that the earth rotates.
1820 May 12BirthFlorence NightingaleNurse (Crimean War)
1824 January 21BirthThomas (Stonewall) JacksonConfederate General.
1824 September 4BirthAnton BrucknerComposer.
1825 October 25BirthJohann Strauss the YoungerComposer
1828 August 28BirthLeo TolstoyAuthor.
1829 April 10BirthWilliam BoothFounder of the Salvation Army.
1829 October 15BirthAsaph HallAstronomer.
1833 May 7BirthJohannes BrahmsComposer.
1833 October 21BirthAlfred Bernhard NobelCreated both Dynamite and the Nobel Prizes.
1834 July 19BirthEdgar DegasImpressionist Painter.
1834 March 17BirthGottleib Daimlerthe notable car designer and manufacturer.
1836 November 18BirthW.S. Gilbert, SirPartneres Sullivan in creating the world famous opera company.
1837 May 27BirthWild Bill HickockCowboy/Scout (James Butler)
1838 July 8BirthCount Ferdinand Graf von ZepplinInventor.
1838 October 25BirthGeorges BizetComposer
1838 September 02BirthQueen LiliuokalaniQueen of Hawaii
1839 July 8BirthJohn D. RockerfellerVery Rich Man!
1841 July 31BirthHerman MelvilleAuthor (Moby Dick)
1844 July 22BirthReverend Spooneror should that be Speverend Rooner?
1844 October 11BirthHenry John Heinzof food fame, beans and all!
1844 October 15BirthFriedrich NietzsheAuthor.
1845 October 22BirthSarah BernhardtActress.
1846 June 7BirthPaul Gaugin (Eugene Henri)French post-impressionist painter.
1848 June 7BirthPaul GauguinPainter.
1852 April 13BirthFrank Winfield Woolworthfounder of the department store chain. Born in New York.
1854 April 29BirthHenri PoincarMathematician.
1854 October 16BirthOscar WildeWit, author
1856 July 26BirthGeorge Bernard ShawDramatist and Author.
1856 May 6BirthSigmund FreudAustrian cigar smoker and Father of Psychology.
1859 May 19BirthDame Nellie MelbaAustralian Soprano
1859 May 22BirthArthur Conan DoyleAuthor (Sherlock Holmes)
1860 August 13BirthAnnie OakleyWild West Woman?
1862 August 22BirthClaude DebussyComposer.
1863 July 30BirthHenry Ford.Car Maker.
1864 June 11BirthRichard StraussGerman Composer.
1864 June 14BirthAlois AlzheimerGerman Psychiatrist
1865 June 13BirthWilliam Butler YeatsPoet
1865 June 3BirthKing George V of EnglandSaksen-Coburg (Windsor) (1910-36)
1866 April 6BirthRobert Parker [Butch Cassidy]US Bandit and Desperado
1869 October 2BirthMahatma GhandiIndian Pacifist.
1870 April 22BirthVladimir llyich Ulyanov - LeninBorn in Simbirsk.
1871 August 19BirthOrville WrightBuilder of Airplanes.
1871 July 10BirthMarcel ProustNovelist.
1872 July 16BirthRoald AmundsenFirst mane to reach the South Pole.
1873 May 9BirthHoward CarterBritish Archaeologist (found King Tutankhamen's tomb)
1874 April 25BirthGuglielmo MarconiInventor of Radio.
1874 April 6BirthHarry Houdini [Erich Weiss]Famous magician and escape artist
1875 July 26BirthCarl JungAnalytical Psychologist.
1879 April 29BirthThomas BeechamMusical Conductor
1879 April 9BirthW.C. FieldsActor and Wit.
1879 August 8BirthEmiliano ZapataMexican revolutionary.
1879 November 7BirthLeon TrotskyRussian Communist Theorist and Bolshevik.
1880 June 27BirthHellen KellerDeaf and Blind Author and Lecturer
1881 August 12BirthCecil B. deMilleFilm Director
1881 August 6BirthAlexander FlemingDiscovered use for Penecillin.
1881 October 1BirthWillaim Edward BoeingFounder of the aircraft manufacturer
1881 October 25BirthPablo PicassoArtist.
1882 June 17BirthIgor StravinskiComposer.
1883 July 29BirthBenito Mussolini (Il Duce)Italian Dictator.
1883 July 3BirthFranz KafkaAuthor (The Trial)
1883 May 23BirthDuglas FairbanksActor
1884 August 16BirthHugo GernsbackScience Fictionalist?
1884 October 29BirthBella LugosiActor (horror movies)
1885 October 7BirthNiels BohrQuantum Physicist.
1885 September 11BirthD.H. LawrenceAuthor.
1886 May 26BirthAl JolsonSinger/Actor
1887 July 22BirthGustav HertzQuantum Physicist.
1889 April 14BirthAdolf HitlerAustrian, Dictator of Nazi germany.
1889 April 16BirthCharlie ChaplinComedian and Actor
1889 April 8BirthSir Adrian Boult - ConductorBBC Symphony Orchestra
1889 April 9BirthPaul RobesonActor and Singer, famous for rendition of "Ol' Man River" in Show Boat.
1889 May 25BirthIgor Sikorskiwho developed a working Helicopter.
1890 November 22BirthCharles de Gaullewho became President of France.
1892 August 16BirthHarold FosterCartoonist
1892 July 23BirthHaile SelassieEmperor of Ethiopia (1930-1974)
1892 May 11BirthMargaret RutherfordEnglish Actress
1893 April 8BirthMary PicfordActress
1894 July 26BirthAldous HuxleyAuthor.
1894 October 14BirthE.E. CummingsPoet.
1895 April 29BirthSir Malcolm SargentMusical Conductor
1895 December 14BirthKing George VI of EnglandWho succeeded King Edward VIII when he abdicated and led England through the World War II years.
1895 July 24BirthRobert GravesAuthor (I Claudius)
1895 October 2BirthGroucho MarxComedian and Actor
1895 October 4BirthBuster KeatonSilent Movie Actor.
1897 June 12BirthAnthony Eden, Earl of Avonand later British Prime Minister.
1897 May 18BirthFrank CapraItalian Film Director
1897 May 18BirthFred PerryEnglish Tennis Star
1898 July 24BirthAmelia EarhartAviator
1899 May 10BirthFred AstaireActor and Tap Dancer
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